Large Window Installation

Large Window Installation


ow many people does it take to manually install a large window?

mountain architecture large window installation
The answer in this case was ten men to manually lift it up (there's another behind the window).
Architecture big window installation
This Pella window is eight feet wide, almost ten feet tall and extremely heavy.
Timber frame window installation with suction cups
It had to be lifted to its base at fourteen feet above the floor, before being secured.
lodge home window installation
Suction cups are extremely helpful in lifting these heavy windows.  They provide a vacuum seal, which creates the force necessary for the cups to stay in place while the windows are raised.
architecture window timber frame
The window is aluminum clad on the exterior, with a wood interior, and triple glazing.
big window placement
It looks like tough work, but in this case at least the guys didn't have to go to the gym that evening.
Timber frame window installation from the interior
In most cases, with smaller windows, it only takes one to two people to do the job.

Photos provided by Sandau Builders. For finished photos of this project, see Priest Lake house.

John Hendricks, AIA Architect

Hendricks Architecture designs custom residences throughout North America, from small beach houses to luxury waterfront mountain homes. We like to design in large windows to take advantage of some of the great views our clients have.

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